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About Eten Technologies

We Aim to Advance the F&B Industry with Technology

When someone wants to become an entrepreneur, F&B is probably the easiest industry to start. However, being easy to start doesn't mean it's easy to survive, let alone grow. With complex operations and relatively small profits, 80% of F&B businesses fail in less than five years.

That's why Eten is here to help F&B business people optimize their costs and income through technology. Eten offers various solutions according to the needs of F&B business people.

The Team Behind Eten Technologies

We have experience in the fields of F&B and Technology.


Debbie Winardi

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Debbie has over 10 years of experience in the FMCG food & beverages and tech startups. Before starting Eten, Debbie was Head of Private Label at GrabKitchen, Head of Marketing at Virgo, and Brand Manager for various products such as Kinder Joy, Pringles, Good Time, Nyam-Nyam, etc.

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Co-Founder / CTO

Abdurahman Hidayat


Rahman has extensive experience in the Fintech and marketplace domains. Before building Eten, Rahman was a key team member at BRI, Gojek (Mapan), and Jenius (Bank BTPN) as an engineer and also on the product team.

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Media Coverage

Citrus Fruits

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